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YouTube Show Review: Suchwita

One of the things that I heard that SUGA of BTS had thought he would become if he did not end up in BTS was to be a radio DJ or a TV host. He had been fulfilling part of that dream by often becoming the host of their variety show Run BTS and during some of their special lives together as a group, as well as with lives he had done himself using the program name KKUL 0613FM.

Last December 2022, SUGA took this dream one step further by coming out with an online variety/talk show called Suchwita (Time to Drink with SUGA) on the BTS official YouTube channel. Initially conceptualized as a way for Yoongi to support the rest of the members of BTS in their solo efforts by giving them a platform to promote their work, it has now evolved to include interviews with other music artists as well as comedians and actors. It’s just too bad that he had not been able to include Jin and J-Hope in the show since their projects came out before the show started. 

According to SUGA himself, he did not expect the show to grow the way that it did as it was only supposed to promote the solo work of the other BTS members, but it has since gone on to feature not just younger artists in the HYBE family but also celebrities whom Yoongi has admired since his early days. 

Suchwita seems to be a play on the name SUGA and the word Daechwita, which is also the title of a single he has under the name Agust D. Being someone known to have a love for alcohol, it seemed perfect to have the show be done with him sharing a drink with his guest. So far, there have only been nine episodes of the show, but with each episode, the guest has brought the drinks that were shared in the show. At the end of each episode, the bottle is signed by the guest and placed on display on the set of the show. 

I enjoy the show a lot because there has always been a sincere discussion about the guest’s craft, about their thoughts with regard not just to their careers but to life in general. I get to learn not only about the guests themselves but about Yoongi as well. I love how sincere and genuine the flow of each conversation has been so far. I honestly wish the episodes were longer because I enjoy them so much. I’m sure there are more things that were discussed that were probably edited out. As someone who records podcast conversations weekly, I know how long some things can go when the conversations get good, and it can be heartbreaking but necessary to edit them out. 

As much as I have enjoyed all the episodes so far, my favorites would have to be the episode that featured Tablo of Epik High and fellow BTS member Jimin. In the episode with Tablo, it was clear how comfortable and at ease Yoongi was since Tablo was also his friend (and someone he had collaborated with in the past). Even if Tablo was older, it did not seem as formal as it was with some of the other guests who were older than him, or with the artists who were younger than he was. Being someone who liked Epik High’s music in the past, it was probably the first time I saw what Tablo was like apart from the music and the tweets, and it made me follow him on his other social media accounts as well. 

Being someone who became a BTS fan through Jimin, it was a no-brainer for the episode with him to be one of my favorites. He has been outspoken about being a fan of the show, so it was great to finally see him as a guest. It was also for me the most laid back that Yoongi has been on the show. He was being funny and silly with Jimin the entire time.  

It would be great if he had a female guest on the show for a change. I know he’s trying to convince IU to do the show since he was on her show (more on that in another post). I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it could happen – does IU even drink alcohol? Can she do the show even if she doesn’t?

I’m not sure how long this show will go on and if any other episodes will come out since Yoongi will be going on tour for the rest of April up to the end of June. The last episode has been of RM interviewing him, turning the tables on Yoongi and called it Rchwita. There have been people speculating that Jin and JHope possibly recorded episodes before they enlisted but I'm not sure if those are just rumors. 

I have no idea what Yoongi's enlistment plans will be after the tour. It would be nice if there were more episodes, but I would understand if they did not have any more for a while if he enlists after it. 

Just hoping for one last episode if he does enlist after the tour though. That would be nice. 


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