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KDrama Review: Missing: The Other Side

KDramas are shows that I enjoy watching. I’ve been a fan of Korean shows since the early 2000s when we were exposed to them on TV. I couldn’t help but enjoy watching because they often have different storylines compared to the ones I see from American shows and from local TV. Missing: The Other Side is one of those shows. 

Missing: The Other Side is a drama about a young man who can, as one movie line goes, “see dead people.” The catch is that the people he sees are not just dead people, but those who have been missing. With the help of a man whose own young daughter is missing, he discovers a village where the spirits of dead people who have been missing live. It is only when their bodies are found that they finally leave the village to find peace in the afterlife. 

The show may have a fantasy concept to it, but it is a drama. Every episode tackles the stories of the spirits in the village and what happened that led to their death and being part of the missing. It can be such a tearjerker and I have found myself crying while watching more than one episode of the series. There is so much heartbreak and grief because it involves death, but it also shows so much love and peace and resolution for those that have passed away.

Apart from the stories of the missing, it also has a main plot that connects the lead characters together, a storyline that continues when it moves to the second season. I don’t want to give too many details because it is a story that deserves to unfold as intended to give the drama the full impact on viewers. 

I was surprised when the series had a second season, since it is very rare for KDramas to have more than one. Plus, it was established at the end of the first season that the two lead characters could no longer see dead people or the village where they all lived. It did, however, hint that there was more than one place where the missing and dead people lived. 

In season 2, the lead characters Wook and Panseok discover another village, thanks to a ghost named Ilyong who can freely leave the village of the dead to go to the land of the living, something that was not possible in season 1 (why this was possible was answered at the end of the season). As with the previous season, they again help the villagers out while also being unknowingly involved in the continuing drama from season 1. 

With the second season, they were able to establish that there was always more than one village with the dead and missing spirits. They were also able to present some rules that involved being dead and missing. I thought that they were able to fully establish this world/universe of the show with season 2 and it was very fascinating. It was also exciting to see during the last episode that there seems to be more stories to come. The ending scene looks like a teaser for season 3. Given that there were still some questions left unanswered in this season, a new one would provide the closure that viewers need on some of the unresolved stories. 

Based on the ratings of the show, it is highly possible that there will be a third season. I would love to see more stories about the missing and how the main characters grow with every season. It’s sad to say goodbye to some of the characters from each season as they leave the villages they’ve been to behind, but it’s also interesting to see the next set of people that they would meet and the stories they would have if there were a season 4. 

If you are interested in heart-tugging stories with a bit of fantasy (and crime-solving) involved, this is a show that I highly recommend. I love the unique concept of the show and how much heart this has for every character. They have such a range of characters and stories that are introduced in every episode and there is always that urge for viewers to root for the resolution of each of their stories. I hope to see more of it in the near future. I hope that they will announce season 3 soon because I would love to see it!


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