Thursday, April 20, 2023

Disney+ Review: The Princess

One of the habits I’ve developed lately has been to stream movies or series online as I do my daily morning workouts. I’ve been able to watch a lot of shows and movies that way but it’s not always advisable if the show or movie is good and you want to take it all in. But since not all these streaming videos are made equal, I’ve had my share of those that I can watch without concentrating on them. The movie The Princess is one of those movies.

Sharing the plot won’t be much of a spoiler since there isn’t much to take in: it’s about a princess being forced to marry a man who has taken over their castle and has taken everyone hostage to witness the wedding. This guy, who is obviously not royal since he wants to marry the princess to become a king, was initially promised that the princess would marry him, but she changed her mind, which led to the takeover and the forced marriage they were preparing for during the movie. 

If I were going to sum up the movie it would be all about the princess coming down from the tower she was locked in and saving her family and kingdom from the people who have taken them over. The entire movie was about that. The princess comes down from the tower, hiding from the men looking for her or fighting them off, and helping people escape (her family included). I thought that the whole plot would make a good video game, with the princess reaching certain levels where she got extra help which, in this movie, was in the form of her Asian mentor/teacher, who taught her how to defend herself. 

The movie was very predictable and a bit boring since it was just the same thing over and over again until they reached the end. It was mostly a compilation of different fight scenes in different settings with various fighters. The fight scenes were great, and they did vary but they did tend to get very violent and bloody. Considering that the movie seemed to be targeted at young children, young girls in particular, I don’t think this was something that I’d recommend for them to see.

The message that girls/women can do what men can do (and maybe even better than they can) seemed to be the point of the movie. The king, who only wanted his daughter to marry because she was a woman and they needed a king, announced at the end of the film that the princess would be the next king after she saved everyone from the takeover. It was all a little cheesy and corny, but it is a fantasy film after all. The intention and the message may be good, but the execution, particularly with the violence, may defeat the purpose of that. I may not be a parent but if I wanted to make my child watch something with a good message, I would avoid one with this much bloody fighting involved.

Joey King did a fairly good job playing the princess who was trying to save her kingdom and prove to her father that she was a worthy heir despite being a girl. Was it believable that someone as tiny as her could fight all those men by herself that way? Maybe not. But was it probably intentional to inspire viewers that you can do anything if you put your mind to it? Maybe. It’s possible.

The Princess is a movie I’d recommend if you want a movie just to pass the time where you did not have to think too much while viewing it. If you want a film that will move you or stimulate your brain, this might be the one to see.  It’s not particularly good but it’s not bad either. But you’re not missing anything if you choose to skip it. 


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