Saturday, February 25, 2023

My Writer Dream

In an episode of the Fandesals Podcast (episode embedded at the end of this post), we talked about some of the jobs that we dreamed of having when we were younger. One of the jobs that I mentioned I wanted to have back then that I still want to do now is to be a writer. Specifically, to be a published author of novels that people would love.
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I have always had a love of reading books and getting into the worlds that the written word can take me. You can go on different adventures and visit different places while reading books. You can dive into a variety of emotions and learn so much about so many things when you read. It was that love and appreciation for books that inspired me to want to become a writer myself so that I could take people into the stories of the characters I have created in my imagination.

Back when I was a young girl, I had written several stories, most of them handwritten in my notebook that I shared with a cousin who encouraged me to write more. The stories ranged from romance to mystery and adventure. They were not that long because they were only handwritten in a notebook, but I remember being so proud whenever I finished a story. It’s too bad I lost that notebook because it would have been nice to look back on how I wrote back then. I remember the basic plot of the stories, but I don’t remember much about my writing style when I was younger.

As I mentioned in the podcast, I currently have several book ideas and outlines that I have not been able to finish. I could list several different excuses for why that is, but the point is that I don’t have them just yet. I know I should give my writing more time and more focus, but it is something that I have not been able to do lately. 

The writer’s block that came from the fear that my work would be rejected was one of the things that have been stopping me. I also felt a bit of conflict about writing on other things: writing for work, writing for my blog, and writing in my journal…it made me feel like I needed to write a lot to make things flow easier, but at the same time I felt that writing too much on other things made me run out of words for the books that were in my mind. Then there is also the side of me that overthinks everything. I write something, then I rewrite it over and over again because I feel that it is not good enough. Maybe I have not written it well enough, not researched the facts I shared enough, and was not engaging enough. Overthinking, more than anything else is probably my biggest enemy right now. I need to get rid of that so I can finish something.

In my mind, these books would be something that I can be proud of, with some of them even being adapted into a series or a movie. It has been my dream for at least two of the books/stories to go in that direction. When that would happen though is still a big question because while I have outlines, I have not written the books yet. 

I still see myself writing these books I have in mind one day. Having days when I could be somewhere quiet where I could write without interruptions would be a dream vacation that I want to have sometime soon. Seeing my books as physical copies and as eBooks (or even audiobooks) would be a dream come true. Someday, I know I can make that happen.

If you would like to know more about some of the other jobs I dreamed of having, you can watch it on the Fandesals Podcast episode here. What jobs did you dream of having? Share it with me in the comments section!


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