Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Disney+ Rewind: Sleepy Hollow

One of the shows I used to watch on TV that I recently found available on Disney+ was the supernatural show called Sleepy Hollow. It’s a story that is loosely based on the short story of the same name and is set in modern times. In the show, the main character of the story, Ichabod Crane, died after killing/chopping off the head of a soldier in the war and woke up from his grave in Sleepy Hollow in the present time, where the soldier he killed became the headless horseman and the Horseman of Death.

The show lasted only four seasons, with the last season oddly set outside of Sleepy Hollow and without one of its main/lead characters, who was killed off in the previous season. For the most part, the show was about Ichabod Crane and Detective (and future FBI agent) Abby Mills fighting supernatural beings who want to bring the end of days into the world, all while discovering that certain historical figures from the time of George Washington had known about this and had been fighting off the same in their time. 

As a supernatural show, I was expecting it to be scary, especially since it was loosely based on the Sleepy Hollow story and the movie about this that starred Johnny Depp was dark and creepy. I was surprised that despite the end of the world and supernatural creatures elements of the show, it was a bit on the light side and at times even funny. If anything else, it was more a fantasy show than it was a scary one. And speaking of that fantasy element, the effects were not exactly that impressive now that I had the chance to look back on it years later. Then again, it may be because special effects for shows like that are better these days than in the past. Technology has improved so much so I suppose I cannot blame them for not having much back then. 

My favorite character on the show would have to be Ichabod Crane. Tom Mison is so enjoyable to watch in this role. I love how funny he can be as the man out of time who has to adjust to the times but still maintains certain things from the past (including his wardrobe). Ichabod has so many characteristics that I loved seeing such as his charm, his wit, his sense of humor and his bravery, and the fact that he is full of hope compared to the other characters in the show. If there is one thing I miss about this show it would be this guy. Whenever I think of Ichabod Crane it is Tom Mison’s portrayal that comes to mind, complete with the bow he gives when he says goodbye. I wish I could see him in more shows but I think he does theater more than he does movies or series these days. 

To be fair, Nicole Beharie, who plays Abby Mills, also does a great job as the other lead in the show. She can match up with Tom Mison in their scenes together. They make such a good team in the series. I just wish she could have finished the last season with everyone else because I felt that it all went downhill in season 4. 

One of my favorite parts about re-watching this show is their crossover with another series that I liked, Bones. It was funny to see how the characters in a non-supernatural show would fit into this fantasy world that Crane and Mills had. I thought it wouldn’t work. The Sleepy Hollow leads were also in a crossover episode in Bones but there were no supernatural elements to it so it was not as exciting as it was amusing to see them there. But with this crossover in Sleepy Hollow, it was revealed that Booth had a supernatural connection of sorts because of his ancestor and that he knew Mills’ mentor, who had passed on the knowledge of the supernatural to her. That was a nice touch to bring the shows together. 

As much as I enjoyed watching the show again, I don’t think I will do so for a third time. It only had four seasons but I felt that it was not as good as I remembered it. Bones was still more fun to re-watch because it did not feel like a chore to watch all 12 seasons as it was with Sleepy Hollow. It was fun to see Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane again, but I don’t see myself doing it again. 


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