Saturday, February 4, 2023

Happy Anniversary Fandesals Podcast!

It has been one year since the first episode of the Fandesals Podcast was published online. Back then, this podcast that I have been doing with my friend Judith was audio-only. We recorded it together online and put it out to the world via Anchor, which automatically places it on Spotify, Apple, and other podcast service providers. 

When the opportunity to record together happened, we decided to start recording on video so the last episode of the first season was a surprise audio episode before we fully transitioned to video in season 2. Since then, Spotify has made video podcasts available on their service, so the Fandesals Podcast is also available as video episodes there as well. 

This is a podcast that started out as just random discussions online during the height of the pandemic and now we have not just audio but video episodes for the show. We hope that with this show we can reach more people who are like us: Fandesals. People who are fans of something, of things that we are passionate about. 

We have recently ended our third season and we will be moving on to season 4, year 2 next month. Despite having to record apart and being in different time zones, I am glad that Judith and I can still pull this off and make this work. 

The podcast is still a baby compared to a lot of the others out there. We don’t have a production company that produces our work or staff to assist us with promotions. It’s just Judith and me discussing possible episodes per season, recording, and editing our episodes, uploading them for publishing, and then promoting it all on social media. It’s a two-woman team doing the work of many when compared to other shows. I’m proud of what we have accomplished so far given what we have had to work with.

I have learned so much from making this podcast in this first year that we have been able to finish: audio recording and editing, video recording and editing, content creation, production, social media marketing…the list goes on and on. I can’t say that I am an expert after a year because there is still so much to learn and our podcast still has a lot of room to grow. I hope that this is something that can last for years to come. More than anniversaries, I think celebrating the number of episodes we can produce is also an achievement and we have had a lot this past year, including our off-season episodes. We may not have that many viewers or subscribers yet, but we have been consistently growing little by little every month. I am sure that in time we can get our podcast to where we want it to be. One of the things that I am hoping we can accomplish someday would be having subtitles to our videos. Since we speak in Tagalog and English, it would be nice if we can get proper subtitles so people who do not speak Tagalog can still watch the episodes.

For now, I am enjoying the fact that I can share the things that I love and am a fan of every week with a dear friend and that we learn a lot about each other in the process. I love that I get to share stories with the people who support our podcast by watching every week and from those who leave messages of support after seeing our latest episodes. 

It would be nice to reach 100 episodes someday (specifically for regular season episodes, that would be in year 3!). Hopefully, by then, we can do something special for our anniversary and our 100th episode. Until then, I hope that you can all join us for year 2, starting with season 4 on March 4, 2023. We have a great lineup of episodes for next season, made up of topics you enjoyed from our first year online. 

You can catch the Fandesals Podcast on our YouTube Channel, Apple Podcasts, and on Spotify. You can also leave us comments, messages, or suggestions on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. Please like and subscribe when you can, where you can. 

Thank you so much for your support! 



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