Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Netflix Picks: Little Women

The Korean drama Little Women first got on my radar when I saw BTS’ RM post about it on his Instagram Stories. Of course, with that familiar title, I had to look it up and check it out to see if it would be something that I would like.

First off, I learned that the title is a bit misleading. It has the same title as the Louisa May Alcott novel, but it is very different from it. The show is described as a modern-day retelling that is loosely based on the novel, but I thought that while it had some slight similarities to the book, the entire series turned out to be very different.

The only similarity that I saw was that there were sisters who were from a poor family who had a rich aunt but apart from that, the plot is far from the novel. The series is about three sisters: Inju (Kim Goeun), the eldest daughter, Inkyung (Nam Jihyun),  the middle sister who works as a reporter for a radio station,  and Jihu (Park Jihoo), the youngest who is a talented young artist who is still in school.

As much as I would want to go into detail with this review, I would rather not give anything away about the plot of the series because the structure of this is thrilling for the viewer once everything is revealed one by one. I don’t want to spoil the whole viewing experience! Let me just give away that Song Joongki is in this show in a cameo role. It was a small, non-significant role but naturally, the guy stood out! The show also features Wi Hajoon, who was also on the popular series Squid Game.

The storyline for this series was disappointing at first because I was expecting it to be similar to the novel but it was surprisingly better than what I thought it would be. It had elements of romance but it never focused on that as much as it was on social classes, and conspiracies. politics and secret societies. There was also the recurring theme of what people would do for money and power, no matter the consequences.

It was all very interesting. I have to commend the writers of this show because they were able to present a story that always kept the viewers guessing. You never really knew who was the “big bad” of the show and who was on the side of the lead characters. The minute you’ve decided, something happens that will make you change your mind. It was only near the end that you will figure out what it was all about. 

The concept of this, particularly with the orchid that is featured in the story, was very creative and well thought out. I love that they gave that part of the story a bit of a mythology/origin story that was crucial to the main plot of the series.

The casting of this series was so good, every single character played their role so well. I particularly enjoyed the acting of the main antagonists. Their portrayal was so good and so twisted that I found myself admiring their acting during the crucial parts of the show. 

The show features strong female characters who refused to let their circumstances get in the way of their goals in life. I love that at the end of the day, no matter how their love interests came to help, it was the women who made the crucial decisions and risks that helped take the show to its satisfying ending. 

I became a fan of Kim Goeun because of this show. I was aware of her before because of Yumi’s Cells, Goblin, and The King: Eternal Monarch but it was only in this show that I became a fan of her acting. She showed so much vulnerability and range in this role and I loved seeing her onscreen while watching the series.

Normally the KDramas that I watch are romantic comedies, but now and then there are shows like this that divert from the more popular genre that I find myself enjoying so much. I hope that I get to discover more shows like this on Netflix!


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