Sunday, January 1, 2023

Blanket Lady

If someone asked me what I wanted as a gift right now, I would answer one thing: blankets. I know it is weird because I live in a tropical country, and it is too hot to use a blanket, but I love them. I would like to try a weighted blanket or at least something close to it. A heavy blanket or a duvet…something heavier than a regular blanket but not as heavy as the weighted ones out in the market. I would need to turn on the air conditioning to use it though. 

Image by Myléne from Pixabay

When I first heard about the concept of weighted blankets, I was skeptical. Why would someone want something heavy on them as they sleep? Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable? Would it be too hot? What is it for? Plus, with news of children suffocating under these blankets, are they even safe? Plus, I cannot imagine how to wash a heavy blanket with a washing machine. Washing heavy blankets, especially the weighted ones, must be a challenge. Even if I had it laundered somewhere I would be charged a lot because of the weight.

The fascination with heavier blankets came to me when I was not feeling well, and I had the air conditioning on full blast in my room. I needed something heavier than my regular blanket, so I used a combination of a blanket and a duvet together (with a throw blanket on top). It kept me so snug and comfortable, and it was a good balance of warmth and cold (because of the AC). I loved it so much that I have been doing it often, especially during nights when I want that extra comfort.

I initially wanted to get a weighted blanket, but I was surprised to find out how much heavier they were – I found a store selling them with weights ranging from 5 to 15 pounds, with other blankets being much heavier than that! 

It was also disappointing to find out that most weighted blankets use artificial fillers, usually plastic pellets or beads that help to provide that additional weight. Not only are these blankets not sustainable, but I also worry about how comfortable I would feel with a blanket full of beads. Do not even get me started on how much these blankets cost, because that also made me back off the idea of buying one. At this point, I would prefer heavier blankets or duvets, but not necessarily weighted ones. 

According to the articles I have read, weighted blankets are good for those with anxiety, depression, and insomnia because of the deep pressure that comes from the weight of the blankets. I would love to try it to see if it helps but I am still skeptical about how heavy these blankets are. I would rather try the concept of the extra weight/pressure using heavy blankets or piling blankets one on top of the other in the meantime. 

Another thing I am obsessed with lately is throw blankets. I got one for Christmas a couple of years back and since then I have been looking for good ones to use at home. I love them because I used to be a huge fan of wearing shawls so having a throw blanket to wrap around me in my room as I read, write, or watch TV is very appealing to me. I love these so much lately that it took an enormous amount of willpower on my part not to buy them in bulk when I saw a store that sold a bunch of them in an assortment of colors. The material was so soft, and it was not too light and not too heavy. I kept running my hands over the fabric, repeatedly willing myself not to give in to the temptation to buy everything. 

So far, I have not bought new blankets, no matter how much I want new ones. I am proud to say that I have been able to control myself. The mind is willing, but the spirit is weak (hahaha). Fortunately, I have been able to reign myself in because of how busy and expensive the recent holiday season has been. With summer around the corner, I think I can control myself for at least six more months or so until it gets cold again during the rainy season. 

I am keeping my fingers crossed on that last statement. Wish me luck!


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