Sunday, January 29, 2023

My Favorite BTS Performances

In one of my solo episodes on the Fandesals Podcast, I talked about my favorite live performances of BTS. I had limited time to share more performances on our YouTube channel, so I am sharing more about them in this post.

As I have repeatedly mentioned on our YouTube episodes, with BTS, you will always, ALWAYS get high-quality live performances. This is a group that will never half-ass anything, be it with dancing or with singing and rapping. The production level will always be of high quality, with each performance looking concert-level in terms of staging and backing performers.

Here are my favorite live BTS performances as mentioned on the Fandesals YouTube channel (episode embedded at the end of this post). I tried to share a balance of group and sub-unit performances in this list so that those who have not discovered them yet get to see what they have to offer through the years:

Cypher Medley 2017 – A medley of the Cypher songs from the group, featuring the rap line that is composed of RM, j-hope, and SUGA. It shows their talent not just in rap and performing, but in writing their songs too.

MMA 2018 – This is a medley of songs that features the songs Fake Love, Airplane, and Idol. Not only do they have concept videos featured in between songs, but they also show carefully planned concepts for every song, with the highlight being their performance of Idol, which has a traditional Korean-inspired theme/arrangement.

MMA 2019 – Another medley of performances, they start it off with RM’s Persona before moving into Boy in Love, followed by Boy with Love (yes, those are two different songs), Mikrocosmos, then a segment that features each member coming out and having a short musical moment that ends with a big performance of Dionysus. It is one of their grandest awards show performances ever and it feels like a concert, and this will always be an unforgettable performance in my book.

Let Go 2019 – I discovered this performance from one of their concerts on their official channel. I know there are more performances of this out there, but this is the only official one that is not a fan cam. I would love to see more of this because I am in love with this song.

The Truth Untold 2019 – Another one of my favorite songs from BTS, I love this performance from their Japan concert because of how emotional their voices all are in it, especially Jimin’s. There is nothing more to say than that.

Black Swan Dance Practice 2020 – I had originally wanted to share a video of their performance of Black Swan from their Permission to Dance concert but there was no official video and all the fan cams I have found do not do justice to how amazing the intro was, so I settled for their dance practice from 2020. It shows just how focused they are on their performances and how they give it their all every single time.

Film Out 2021 – This is another one of those BTS love songs that I fell for when I first became a fan. I love this version/performance because the audio makes their voices clearer than in other videos I have seen so far. 

When we published the episode of my favorite performances, the BTS Yet to Come concert in Busan had just ended. I had recorded the episode a month or so before that so the performances from that concert were not on my list. But, with this post, I need to add the much-raved performance of their latest song, Run BTS. 

Everyone knew when they first heard the song that this was a song that was meant to be on stage, and I love that the guys gave them what they wanted. Not only did they perform this at the concert, but they also shared a dance practice video that was equally as good (if not better)!

With the guys enlisting in the South Korean military, it will be a while before we got more group performances. At the earliest, this will happen again in 2025. Until then, fans like me will have to wait and enjoy the best performances they have had through the years like what I have shared here!


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