Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Netflix Picks: Tomorrow

A little warning before starting this post: this show that I recently watched deals with sensitive topics so if you find yourself emotionally triggered by topics of death, depression, and other related issues, it might be best to skip this post.

Tomorrow is one of the K-Drama series that I watched last year on Netflix. I was not actively blogging back then, so I was not able to post a review, but I did share a bit about this show on the Fandesals Podcast on YouTube. It was just a brief review back on the show, so I decided to write a blog post to add to what I had previously shared on the vlog.

The series is about a group of Grim Reapers. These are not your usual reapers: these are the ones who are not there to pick you up to bring you to the afterlife, but the ones who are actively trying to stop you from dying if you are trying to move on by yourself (if you know what I mean).

The series starts with a young man who, after helping someone who tried to take her own life, falls into a coma. He goes to the afterlife where he chooses to help this specific group of reapers in exchange for a better life after his coma, becoming months instead of years.

As one of the reapers, he helps his team to save the lives of specific people, with each episode resulting in moving stories from people at various trying points of their lives. The show featured topics such as bullying, eating disorders, and childhood trauma. 

Every episode of Tomorrow presented the issues faced by the targets of the reapers in such a moving way that I could not help but cry at the end of every episode. I am not kidding, I cried so much while watching this show. It was a good, cathartic cry every single time.

I appreciated that the series could show people a look into rarely talked-about topics without being preachy or boring. People find these sensitive topics difficult to discuss but they need to be out in the open if we want to resolve them. It was never a dull moment in every episode and yet it did not feel overwhelming or rushed. The topics were heavy, but not in a depressing way.

Another thing that I liked about the show is that there were still light moments that balanced out the often-depressing topics presented in the episodes. The obvious tension/spark between the reapers Ryeon and Joongil was also something that I was a huge fan of. I loved that you could tell there was something there but still not understand what it was until the actual reveal of their story. It is like the writers kept you guessing and allowed you to make certain conclusions only to show that it was not what you had expected. The chemistry between the two actors was so good that I wished that there were more about them together than what they had in the show.

It is too bad that this show did not have a second season. This is just one of those shows that could go on for more than one season if given a chance. Unfortunately, I heard it did not do as well in Korea as it has done internationally via Netflix, so I think season 2 will never happen. 

Tomorrow is still a good show to watch if you do not mind all the crying you will be doing while watching it. I wish more people watched this. The topics and social issues may be those that people experience in South Korea, but these are issues that have similarities in other countries as well. These are topics that we need to see, acknowledge, and discuss (hopefully), so we can change things for the better.

This show is among several KDrama shows and movies that I reviewed on an off-season episode of the Fandesals podcast, hope you can all give it a listen and let me know what you think!


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