Wednesday, January 8, 2020

January Playlist: Reclaim

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, 2020 for me is the year that I am to reclaim the person that I have lost while I have been busy with everything else in my life. For this month, I thought I’d create a playlist that would help me and hopefully other people (women in particular), who would like to do the same thing. Here is the playlist I created on Spotify for this:

As you may have noticed, I am a fan of Natasha Bedingfield. I think her early work/music has a good collection of songs that fit well into my goals for reclaiming myself from my busy life and responsibilities. Unwritten inspires me to believe that I can still change and grow because “the rest is still unwritten.” Weightless inspires me to let go of the things that are holding me back from being who I really am. No More What Ifs is about going for things, without hesitation. Her other song, Sojourn (hidden in the track at 7:10), inspires me to go for it because it’s the “perfect day to get away” and my life is “a sojourn from the norm,” which is coincidentally what I called an earlier blog of mine years ago. 

All the other songs are included to inspire people to be Brave, become a Girl on Fire and to Rise Up and acknowledge their true selves, saying This is Me.  The song You Gotta Be calls on the listener to be bad, bold, wiser while Demi Lovato’s song is self-explanatory, asking “what’s wrong with being confident?” 

Mary J. Blige’s song Just Fine says it’s time to live life and it feels good to get it right, something that I want to be able to do by reclaiming myself this year. The song I’m Coming Out may be a bit old, but I’ve always felt that it’s something that pushes me to be real and I hope it does the same for others too. Another old song, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, has always been a favorite. The image of Cyndi Lauper being true to herself and having fun with it is inspiring and just the right message for wanting to be who I am without hesitation and fear of the opinion of others. As the Bon Jovi song goes, It’s My Life anyway. 

The songs by Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce are all about owning your personal power. Acknowledging that we want something, we can take it. We can make our own money. We can run the world if we want to.  As women, we have our own power. We don’t need to be defined by what the expectations of other people are. As Jennifer Lopez sings, I Ain’t Your Mama.  

I had to add the three last songs because of how much I love them. Lizzo’s Truth Hurts doesn’t exactly fit the theme, but the singer herself is an inspiration for me to accept who I am (overweight and all) and to get back the confidence that I lost when I gained weight. Kelly Clarkson’s Whole Lotta Woman also fits into that idea. 

Lastly, Little Mix’ Wings is another personal favorite. I never realized until I listened to it again recently how much it fits into the theme of my year. It’s really time to spread my wings, because as the song goes, “these wings are made to fly.” 

Now that I think about it, the playlist also reflects a lot of the things that I want to change about myself: my confidence, my need to spread my wings beyond what I do now, and being true to myself as who I am and not the person people expect me to be.

I hope you all enjoy this playlist. I've been listening to it all week and I've been enjoying how it reminds me of what I want to accomplish this year. I hope it can do the same for you!

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