Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Review: Samsung Galaxy Fit

A couple of years back, I bought a fitness watch from Lazada. It cost less than a thousand pesos and it measured my steps, calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. While my main purpose for it was to count my steps, I found myself wanting more from it and its partner app. Luckily for me, when I switched back to a Samsung phone recently, it came with a free Samsung Galaxy Fit

The Galaxy Fit watch, compared to my Lazada-bought one, is significantly less bulky. I also find the light and the colors on the display brighter and of higher quality, much like the screens of any Samsung mobile phone. It’s so light that I sometimes forget that I’m wearing it and I end up accidentally hitting it everywhere. I was a little worried that I would crack the display but so far that hasn’t happened. I ended up buying a screen protector to make sure that I could avoid that from happening, but I don’t put it on a lot because it makes the watch bulky and difficult to charge. 

Another thing that I like about the watch is that it has long battery life. I sometimes go a few days without recharging it. I can monitor my exercise for the day, my steps made, my heartbeat/pulse rate, stress levels and sleep all from this watch, and I can sync up my data with the Samsung Health app, which also helps me to monitor my eating habits so I can check my calorie intake compared to how much I have burned for the day. The watch also gives me notifications from my phone when I am connected to it via Bluetooth. I love that I can do all that without having to constantly charge the watch. 

Another feature that I like is how it has the option to continuously monitor my heart rate and can alert me if it rises to a higher-than-normal level. As someone with a heart condition, this is a very useful thing to have. I know that there is nothing better than getting checked at a hospital and seeing a doctor, but I like that it can tell me to do that even if I do not feel anything wrong at any given time. I’ve often had difficulty breathing that sometimes I do not notice when it is worse than normal so this is something I need. 

One interesting thing that I’ve noticed about the watch is that compared to my Lazada-bought fitness watch, this one is not too sensitive when it comes to counting steps. I often take a tricycle to work and the Lazada-bought watch often counted as steps the bumps that I experience while on the road. The Galaxy Fit does not do that.  

It’s also noteworthy to mention that the watch measures not just sleep during the evening, but during the day as well. However, the watch adds the sleep during the day to the one made at night instead of logging it as separates instances of sleep. Nevertheless, I like how it measures how often I get good sleep (which, sadly, is not that often these days). 

The watch does not take too long to charge, which is another plus, although I wish that it did have a plug to go along with its USB charger. I wish the cord could have been a little bit longer too. 

So far, I am enjoying the Galaxy Fit Watch. I hope I get a long life from this one. I once owned an Atmos Fit and I cracked it less than a year after buying it. I don’t know if there are service centers for smartwatches so that one ended up in a box somewhere in the house. I asked Samsung for help with the watch (such as screen protectors and whatnot) and they didn’t have any available and couldn’t offer any help (which is why the protector I bought was from Lazada, from a source in China). 

Keeping my fingers crossed that Samsung Galaxy Fit lasts me a full year at the very least! Hopefully, it will last longer than that! 

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