Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Post About Denim

Last month I attended a holiday party that had denim as a clothing theme. I thought it was an easy enough theme to follow until I realized that didn’t actually own anything denim – not anymore anyway. I own a lot of pants that look like denim but aren’t, and a dress which had a color that was about as close to denim as I could get but that was about it. I opted for the dress but it did make me think about why I don’t own anything denim anymore. 

As a student back in the day, before the new millennium, I was all for denim. Mostly it was jeans and shorts (jackets just gave me a whole lot of Filipino action star-ish vibes for me), maybe a skirt or two. I loved that denim can be worn as something very casual but can also go dressy/ a bit more formal depending on how you pair it with other clothes, shoes, and accessories. With one pair of jeans, I could look like a rocker in boots and a t-shirt but I could also look ready to make a formal report in class in the same jeans paired with nice shoes and a blouse. 

I think I stopped wearing denim when I started gaining weight. I was feeling frustrated about the weight gain and not fitting into the kind of denim jeans I used to that I stopped wearing them altogether – opting for the faux denim pants that I normally wear these days. It was hard enough getting into denim jeans that fit right when I was at my slimmest, what more now? I just don’t want to be bothered by it.  

If I ever lose the weight though, I don’t think that I’d be wearing much denim either. Something about growing older (and climate change while living in a tropical country) has shifted my style to other types of clothing these days. I’d love to wear denim jeans again one day, but probably not as often as I used to back then. I think it’s because I find myself more attracted to light fabrics these days, so denim would probably be more of an option than a regular staple for me.  

Nevertheless, I found the denim theme of the party to be interesting. People wore denim in many different ways; I think that parts of one’s personality were revealed depending on how they wore denim during the party. Some kept it casual by pairing denim jeans with a shirt while some were more playful and opted to wear overalls or denim dresses. And yes, some went “Pinoy Action Star” with the denim jacket! Surprisingly though, I also discovered that a nice denim jacket could also be paired with a really nice dress, giving a more formal outfit a bit of an edgy vibe.  

Some might say that being out of college means you should probably be wearing something other than denim – I've seen some sites that have dictated how people of a certain age should not wear denim anymore and that it is not classy or age-appropriate to wear it – but I disagree. I think that people should not let their fashion choices be dictated by others. For me, I just happen to be comfortable wearing something else these days but if people my age or older still opt to wear denim, it’s their choice.  

What do you think about denim? Do you wear it regularly or do you prefer other types of clothes/fabrics like me? I’d love to know what you think. 

Photo Credit/Source: Edrock Photography

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