Friday, January 10, 2020

Review: Danarra Aromatherapy Oil

I have been a fan of aromatherapy for more years now. I started with the massages until I started using air revitalizers and dehumidifiers, which led me to my obsession with Mia Maison’s scents. For the past few years, I have been a constant user of pain relief rubs/balms, with some smelling more like mint/menthol and others with more aromatherapy-like scents that smell more like perfume than old-person body pain. I recently discovered a new brand for aromatherapy pain relief called Danarra and I am currently obsessed with it!

danarra aromatherapy essential oil

The first time I discovered Danarra Aromatherapy Essential Oils was when I was in line waiting at Watson’s and saw the product on display. I’ve always liked the lavender scent so when I saw that it was available, I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t sure if it was good or not when I bought it. Fortunately for me, it was worth the purchase. I don’t just use the scent to relax and sleep well, I use it for my other aches and pains as well. 

When I used the roll-on at work, I remember one of my co-workers suddenly asking who put on perfume at the time because it smelled good. I was happy about that comment because usually when I put my usual pain relief creams and such the usual question is “who is the old person with aches and pains right now?” 

Not only does the oil smell good, but it also works. It does relieve me of my aches and pains whenever I use it. I think it actually works a little too well since people always want to borrow the roll-on and use it on themselves. I end up running out of oil in just one month because I’m not the only person using it! I’ve even had someone borrow it and not return it (and yes, the person asked if she can keep it) because of how effective it was.

danarra aromatherapy essential oil

I’ve been so satisfied with the product that I recently purchased the other scents available at Watsons: Sport (mood booster), Flowery Citrus (for energy),  and Green Tea (to clear your mind). There are other scents called Young (cool and fresh) and Classic Menthol (to destress) but Watson's didn't have them available at the time. All the scents I've bought smell really good so I think that buying them was worth the money. It’s still way cheaper than buying premium brand essential oils since one 10 ml bottle/roll-on is only worth P89.00.  

As much as I appreciate the more luxury-brand aromatherapy options out there, I am happy that there are also brands like Danarra that are just as effective for a fraction of the price that is good for people like me who are on a bit of a budget. It’s also easy to carry around with the spill-free roll-on bottle that is smaller than some of the balms that I usually bring along. It also uses natural ingredients, something that I have been worrying about when using things on my skin for pain relief.  

I know there are other aromatherapy oils out there for pain relief that I have yet to try, but for now, this is my new favorite. My previous favorite was something I could only buy online so it was a bit of a hassle (and stressful to receive with all the bubble wrap/packaging). The fact that Danarra is available at Watson’s and Mercury Drug means I could get one at any time when I run out.  

If anyone has a suggestion (something in a similar price range, smells good, easily accessible, and does not remind you of a typical Asian old person’s menthol smell), I am willing to try it! 


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