Sunday, July 19, 2020

Movie Review: Bloodshot

One of the movies that I saw during the Enhanced Community Quarantine was the action film Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel, Eiza Gonzalez, Guy Pearce, and Sam Heughan. It is about a Marine who was killed in action and resurrected with modern technology to become an enhanced super-soldier. 

The movie starts with Diesel’s character, Ray, waking up and being told that he was brought back to life with nanite technology developed by Dr. Harting (Pearce). He meets a group of enhanced former military like him, although he does not get along with everyone. Later, he gets flashbacks of his wife being murdered and he becomes obsessed with getting even with the person responsible. 
Ray kills the mercenary responsible for his wife’s death, and it is revealed to the viewers that Ray’s memories were fabricated precisely so that he would go after the man identified as his wife’s murderer. As soon as he killed the man, he was taken back to the laboratory where he was again put under to wipe his memories and place a new face on the man who supposedly murdered his wife. It was Dr. Harting's plan to use Ray to kill his competition by planting false memories in him to make him kill them. 
When Ray found out the truth that his (ex) wife was alive and his memories were only planted, he teams up with enhanced soldier KT (Gonzalez) to get even with Harting. 
I was looking forward to watching this movie because I initially thought that Sam Heughan had a good role in this. Unfortunately, he was the typical bad guy who was just — well — bad. No motivation, no back story. Just the bad guy who did not like the good guy for some reason. He did not get to do much action except for the final fight scene with Vin Diesel. I wish there were more to his role, but there was not. 
Another thing that I was disappointed in was how in the end, despite how it was not established enough during the movie, Eiza Gonzalez’s character and Vin Diesel’s character are suddenly a couple. I didn’t think that the story needed to have that love angle and it was a disservice to Gonzalez’s character of a strong woman suddenly being just the love interest in the end. It does not help that there is an obvious age difference when you look at the two actors. It makes the female love interest feel like a trophy girlfriend to me. 
The movie felt like it was banking too much on the action sequences to make viewers forget that there was not much going on in the movie and the plot itself. I’m not sure if the comic that this was based on was as bad as the movie,  but when I was watching it I was thinking that this would probably be one of those movies where the "book" was better than the film. 
Considering that this did not do well at the box office and that critics mostly panned the movie; I am surprised they are thinking of continuing this franchise. I heard Bloodshot is the first of three films and that Vin Diesel’s character is the main role in all three. Based on what I have seen, I do not think I would be interested.  
I cannot believe that this movie is the start of a franchise film. It does not feel that way. It does not feel like there is something to look forward to in the future of this story. I could be wrong, but based on what I have seen I do not think I would want a part 2 (or 3, as some news articles have mentioned). Unless they bring Sam Heughan back for the next installments, I most likely will not be seeing it. 


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