Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Titan Games

People who know me from the time when I was a young girl would know that I am not the healthiest person out there. I would love to be the girl who does sports and is physically fit and active, but my body is just not built for it. I’ve tried many times to ignore and overcome this “weakness”, but my body has told me many times over that it is the boss and I cannot make it do things beyond what it can accomplish. Despite that, I still dream that one day I can. One of those dreams? Getting on a truly physical competition like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s The Titan Games.

Just to be clear, I am a person with many health issues. It will take a village (so to speak) to get me in shape for anything as grueling as this but in my head, if I can and if my health permits, I would love to try The Titan Games. I just love watching this show and seeing people from all walks of life try it out. Seeing them overcome these insane obstacles makes me wish that I can do them too. When DJ says “Titan Strong” — wow, I want to be that. I do not know how but I want that.

I have just finished watching the first season of the show on Netflix and it was inspiring to see the female winner of the show, Charity Witt, just smash through all the challenges from start to finish. Knowing that before all this, she was (like me) a person with heart disease who was told that she needed to take medication to survive. She got a second opinion from another doctor who encouraged her to take control of her life and she got into sports and became a powerlifter. Watching her win and knowing where she started was inspiring for me. As afraid as I am to challenge what my doctor says, I would love to be as strong as she is (maybe not as big with the muscles though).

The second season of the show is currently on TV and they have taken it up a notch by having the contestants compete with people who are called “the best of the best” and hand-picked by The Rock himself as Titans. That means that not only do these contestants have to overcome the challenges, but they must also overcome these amazing athletes who clearly have an advantage over them.

Surprisingly, several of these handpicked Titans, based on some of the episodes I’ve seen so far, have lost to the contestants who, while they are in no way ordinary themselves, do not have the kind of training most of these elite athletes do. So far, it seems that the underdogs are the ones who will end up on top.

The challenges on the show are all overwhelming to see as they are being done, with the final round being the even more intimidating Mount Olympus, which takes you on several challenges at once. It should be noted that men and women take on the same challenges, nothing is changed when the women do it — which makes the show even more impressive. It does make me wonder though if they will ever try to make the women compete with the men at some point since it seems some of the women finish faster than the men in certain challenges.

With the challenges being harder in the second season, I cannot help but wonder what they will come up with in season 3. I was a fan of American Ninja Warrior a few years ago but after a while, it becomes repetitive and just not as exciting when it is basically the same thing all over again. I like that they switched it up with Titans being challenged in the competition but what more can they do with it for season 3?

DJ, surprise me!


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