Saturday, July 18, 2020

Series Review: A World of Married Couple

The World of Married Couple is a Korean drama that I watched while I was on a trial period for the streaming service Viu. It tells the story of, obviously, a married couple as they go through their relationship, part ways, and deal with the consequences of the fallout of their marriage.  

To be honest, I only fully watched the show for the first half of it. The second half was something I only “half-watched.” That meant that I was doing other things while the show played in the background. It was a bit much for me emotionally, so I decided to keep some sort of distance from the show while I watched it. If I focused enough, I often felt like I was going to be stressed by everything that was happening! 
The series centers around the marriage of Ji Sun Woo, a doctor at a family clinic, and her husband, an aspiring director named Lee Tae Oh. She finds out that he is cheating on her and discovers that even their friends know about it. Not only that, her husband’s mistress subtly rubs it in her face by going to her clinic to become her patient and talking about her “boyfriend” when they see each other. 
Taking the advice of lawyers, she secretly works on getting a divorce and custody of their son, which eventually happens when her husband accidentally hurts her during a fight at home. Her husband then marries his mistress and they have a daughter. 
Of course, the story does not end there. The way that all the characters involved deal with the change in circumstances brings about a whole new set of issues and complications. Several subplots add to the complication of their story. 
There are so many unexpected things that happened in that show, so many actions from the characters of the show that made me wonder out loud how unbelievable these people were (but at the same time being aware that these things do happen in real life). It really got to the point where I found it hard to watch what was happening so I would rather read the subtitles and not pay attention to the video/audio because the scenes got so stressful at times for me. 
All the actors in this show were amazing. I thought they portrayed their roles as realistically as possible to the point that I was rooting for some and was so annoyed with others based on what they were doing. I also loved that in this show there was no “perfect” character. Every character had his/her flaw and made mistakes. In a way, some of the things that happened to them, while awful, were also a consequence of their actions/choices throughout the show. 
The show had some controversy with the viewers in Korea because of one episode that featured a violent scene where Sun Woo was attacked in her home and it was shown in a sort of first-person view. It was as if the viewer was the one attacking her during the scene. Yes, I agree it was troubling to watch, but there were also several other scenes prior that bothered me in the show, so I guess I was not that shocked about it. Troubling, yes. Shocking? Not so much. 
If you enjoy a good drama and are the type who would scream at the TV because of how crazy the characters are acting, you will probably enjoy this show. If you have been through a divorce, mental health issues, or have experienced domestic violence, I would say skip this one because it might feel a bit (?!) triggering for you. Otherwise, it is a good show. I probably would not re-watch it, but it is still a good one. 


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