Thursday, June 22, 2023

Game Shows: A Nostalgic Look Back

When I was younger, one type of TV show that I enjoyed watching were game shows. I loved seeing people try to beat the odds to win some sort of prize, be it a dream vacation or just a little cash. In an episode of the Fandesals Podcast, we discussed some of these game shows at length and it made me miss seeing these shows from back in the day.

I haven’t been able to watch that many game shows lately. I don’t think that they are as popular as they were back then. These days, we do see some variety shows where people play games but they did not have high-stake prizes as they did in the past. There are some shows that are still around, but I don’t think that they are as popular with audiences as they were before. I think more people compete for big prizes more in terms of talent competitions or in a reality show setting. 

The oldest game show that I remember watching was The Price is Right. Not only did I enjoy watching the types of games they had, but I was also fascinated by the cost of things in the US. I was a kid and wasn’t aware about how exchange rates worked and I was amused by how much things were in America. Plus, I always enjoyed watching the models present the prizes to the audience. I thought those women were the prettiest women I’ve seen back when I was little. I was surprised to find out that the show is still around. I can’t believe how many years this has been going on! It’s amazing!

Another game show that I loved as a kid was Jeopardy. I think this is because I’ve always been a trivia nut/nerd so I loved being able to learn from the show. This is also why I enjoyed watching Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

One of the game shows that I thought were the most fun was Family Feud. These days, Steve Harvey is the host of the show and it seems to be even more fun with him at the helm of this one. I always laugh when I see clips of this show when I’m scrolling around online. 

On the local front, there were a lot of game shows because Filipinos love these types of things. There are a lot of entertaining ones, most being segments of variety shows and such. There was one show, however, that was the most intimidating for me, the show called Battle of the Brains. This is the show where the smartest kids in the country battle it out with very challenging questions to see which school has the smartest students. I remember it being a big deal and a matter of school pride when their students made it to the finals, because this was a very challenging show to be in. 

I found it hard to answer the questions on Battle of the Brains while I watched on TV, but I did enjoy watching the host, David Celdran. Such a handsome and smart man! I remember seeing him around our campus when I was in high school because he was a professor for the college there and he was always a very nice and friendly guy. 

Battle of the Brains is a show that sparked a spoof on a local gag show, which they called Battle of the Brainless. We couldn’t help but mention this on our podcast because this was just so hilarious. I ended up searching for clips on YouTube because I remembered how funny it was back then. It was funny to watch and reminisce as I watched a clip or two. 

I think we mentioned even more shows in the podcast. I can’t recall how many more were on our list, but I have shared the episode here. If you want to look back on the popular game shows we enjoyed back when we were younger, you can check out this episode. Enjoy!


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