Monday, June 19, 2023

SUGA on IU’s Palette: A Review

A couple of months ago SUGA from BTS came out with his new album as Agust D, with the first single being a song called People Pt. 2, which features Korean singer IU. As most fans know, SUGA had previously co-written and produced a track for IU called Eight. This time she returns the favor by being on his song. As part of the album’s promotions, she also had him on her online show called IU’s Palette on YouTube.

I’m not that familiar with her show because I have only seen it once before when she had J-Hope as her guest when he promoted his album. I have no idea how similar or different she is when she has different or non-musician types of guests. I was not feeling the show much, but as someone who has seen how Yoongi is as a host on Suchwita, it was good to see him as the guest for a change on a YouTube show. 

It seemed to me that IU is sweet but seemed a bit shy and reserved for a host. It could also be a cultural thing since Suchwita sometimes has that low-key vibe as well. With this episode of IU’s Palette, the vibe felt a bit formal and serious to me. Still, seeing her having a good rapport with SUGA was entertaining to watch. I think it helps that with his own hosting experience, he was able to have a good conversation with her, giving humorous responses to some of her questions and comments and making a somewhat serious vibe a bit lighter. It was so cute when he asked why he wasn’t invited to be a guest during her concert so that they could have performed Eight together. You could tell that she was caught off-guard and didn’t know how to answer. I think that was one of the parts that lightened the mood of the interview.

At one point in the episode, SUGA teased that if he can get a certain number of views for this episode (10 million if I’m not mistaken) then IU should become a guest on Suchwita. I think IU doubted if they could get the number of views he was predicting but I can bet that they will reach that number eventually. Maybe not as fast as it does for BTS music videos, but I am pretty sure that it will happen. When she will actually be on Suchwita is another thing altogether. Given that SUGA will most likely be enlisting this year, IU on Suchwita might not happen until 2025. As of this writing, the view count is at around six million. Four million to go. I need the views to reach ten million because I really want to see IU on Suchwita, even if it will be in 2025!

As with J-Hope’s episode, SUGA got to perform his songs People and People Pt. 2, with the latter being a duet with IU herself. The fact that these songs were performed live and in a bit of an acoustic-ish vibe gave the music a different flavor and I enjoyed listening to them in that way. 

My favorite part, however, was not SUGA singing his own songs, but when he performed Eight with IU. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time that they performed the song together since it was released three years ago. Not only was it a highlight because it was a first-time performance, but I also loved that SUGA surprised everyone by singing at the end of the song, which was not how the track originally goes. It was such a good preview of how he sings not only on his new album (as opposed to it being mostly rap) but during his concert tour as well. That made me excited to be able to hear his music since this episode was released before the album had come out. 

I enjoyed watching this episode of IU’s Palette. I’m really happy that he came out on this show to perform his songs and to sing Eight with IU. This setup is different from his show Suchwita so it was a refreshing way to see SUGA online. I can’t wait until the episode reaches 10 million views so that I can see IU on Suchwita!


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