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August 2021 Playlist: When the Old Soul Strikes

Growing up, I was exposed to different types of music. Because of that, I tend to have favorites in almost every genre (well, maybe except death metal). But one thing that I tend to have a preference for that most of the people in my family do not really care for are old songs. It could be old songs remade into new ones or literally the originals themselves. Or they could be new songs that have a similarly older, classic type of feel. They are not really in any specific genre, but they do evoke a different era from our current times. 

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I have been called an old soul because of this interest. And maybe, if I did have a past life, this is the reason why I love songs like this. Maybe in a past life, I loved these songs. It really is a bit difficult to explain, but let me share these songs here and say something about what I like about them. Songs like this remind me of BTS' V, who seems to share an interest in old songs as well. It's nice to know I have something in common with one of my favorite artists.

I've also shared a playlist of these songs below. Enjoy!

They Can't Take That Away from Me (Robbie Williams and Rupert Everett) + Dream a Little Dream (Robbie Williams feat. Lily Allen)

I have been a Robbie Williams fan for a long time and when he came out with the albums that these songs are in, I listened to every song and loved that he tried this genre! It suited his voice really well! Among all of the songs in his albums, these were the two that I loved the most!

For Once in My Life (Michael Buble) + Feeling Good (Michael Buble)

I became a fan of Michael Buble as soon as his first album was released because this sound is his specialty. While I don't listen to him as much as I did in the past, these two songs are still regularly being played on my Spotify tracks. If his music gets played more than normal, I am always sure that it was my mother using my account to play music (because she loves him too).

In the Still of the Nite (Boyz II Men)

It was actually one of the older versions of this song that I once heard on vinyl (at my uncle’s house) that I fell for in the past. I couldn't find a copy of it anywhere until I stumbled on this version from Boyz II Men. I may have loved the original, but this version is SO GOOD!

You're the First, The Last, My Everything (Barry White)

This one is because of the TV series Ally McBeal. I first heard it there and seeing the characters dance to the song in front of a mirror in their common area made it seem like such a fun song! And you have to admit, hearing Barry White at the start of this one is always a treat!

When You Say You Love Me (Josh Groban) + To Where You Are (Josh Groban)

Again, another artist I discovered through Ally McBeal. I love a number of his songs, but these two are the ones that I listen to the most. I love singing along too (even if I can't sing that high).

What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong) + When You Wish Upon a Star (Louis Armstrong)

There is something about this man's voice that screams classic! I love both songs and they always make me feel good to hear them!

At Last (Etta James)

I first heard this one at a wedding and I have been in love with it since. I would love to dance to this with a significant other someday because it just feels like the romantic thing to do. 

Moon River (The Macarons Project)

There are several versions of this that I love but are unfortunately not available on Spotify, but this comes close. There was a contestant on American Idol in the past who did an amazing version of this, and Jonathan Groff sings this so well on YouTube too. I love those versions!

Baby It's Cold Outside (Idina Menzel & Michael Buble)

I love singing along to this song. The story it is telling according to many is problematic, but I would rather not think about that. It is a song I love and I think it sounds really cute!

Can't Help Falling in Love (Kina Grannis)

There are so many good versions of this song, but I will stick to this one from the Crazy Rich Asians soundtrack. I find myself wanting to fall in love whenever I hear it!

The Nearness of You (Norah Jones) + Love Me Tender (Norah Jones)

Norah Jones has that beautiful, cool, and soothing tone to her voice that I love. While The Nearness of You is available on Spotify, all I could find recently of Love Me Tender is a cover of Norah's version from the Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack (which is too bad, since that was one of the best songs in that OST).

A Love that Will Last (Renee Olstead) + When I Fall in Love (Renee Olstead feat. Chris Botti)

Here is another one from the Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack. I love Renee Olstead's voice. I love that she made versions of these two songs that I love!

You Don't Know Me (Harry Connick Jr) + The Way You Look Tonight (Harry Connick Jr)

I used to be crazy about Harry Connick Jr. I loved these two songs (which I believe are from the same album, which I used to own pre-Spotify). 

Fly Me To The Moon (Diana Krall) + Cry Me a River (Diana Krall)

Around the same time I was a Harry Connick Jr. fan, I was obsessed with Diana Krall. I had one of her albums and I used to listen to it ALL THE TIME. After that, I think I just saved these songs of hers on Spotify.

L-O-V-E (Nat King Cole) + Unforgettable (Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole)

Last but not least, Nat King Cole is a legend. L-O-V-E is another song I heard during a wedding. Unforgettable, particularly this version where his original audio was mixed with a new recording from his daughter Natalie, is so beautiful that I feel this warmth in my heart when I listen to it (I kid you not).



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