Saturday, August 14, 2021

Passions I Miss

As they say, so much to do, so little time. 

A few days ago I was cleaning up my room and I realized that there were a lot of things that I have not touched in a while. It’s not so much about having too much clutter, but more about not having the time to do those things that I have been passionate about in the past. 

I can’t completely blame the pandemic (OK, maybe a little) for this lack of motivation to do things I love. I feel like lately, I have been too distracted with work and other adult-type responsibilities to take on the things that I used to be crazy about. As much as I want to force things, I feel that my passion for them would be ruined if I made it an obligation to give it a try again. Nevertheless, I would love to have the opportunity to enjoy doing these things soon.

Here are the things that I would love to get back into:

Art – As I mentioned in a previous post, art is something that I have always been interested in. I have a lot of art materials at home that is gathering dust because I have not touched them in years. I used to love sketching, doodling, and painting but I haven’t gotten around to doing it again. Partly I think it is because I personally know people who are amazing at this and I feel insecure about sharing my work with them. However, being that doing this used to be something that helps me relax and I used to enjoy doing it regardless of the end result, I would like to be able to try again soon.

Piano – I used to play the piano when I was younger. It has been a long time since I touched the keys of a piano and I am so rusty with it that I need to relearn everything all over again. Nothing beats being able to play music with your hands on the piano. I can still remember the last piece I played a few years back. It was awkward and I had to memorize the whole thing via the keys instead of reading the sheet but it was a fulfilling experience. Maybe one day I can learn and do it again. 

Photography – This is something that I truly regret missing out on and the one that I blame the most on the pandemic. Well, the pandemic and Canon (since I have been having issues getting my camera repaired).  I have loved this for years and I have even won a competition before, but these days I find myself too limited/bored to take photos since I don’t really go anywhere these days. I miss the days when people would tease me about bringing a camera everywhere and taking photos at unexpected moments.  I miss seeing the photos I have taken where people could see the world through my eyes, so they could see what I see when I look out at the world.

Dance - People who knew me when I was still studying would know I loved to dance. I participated in dance performances back in the day. While there are no opportunities for doing that anymore, I still love and appreciate the art of dance. I miss being able to see dance movies, competitions, and live performances. I miss this so much!

Singing – Before you get any ideas, I am not a great singer. I am OK, I can carry a tune but I am not the typical Filipino who can belt out tunes like their pitches can reach the heavens. As my former teacher told me, my voice is an alto, which means that it is a low voice for females. Nothing fancy compared to the more popular sopranos out there. My family has always been a music-loving family and our dad used to give us lessons when we were children. We all love to sing, but we have not been doing that lately. It would be nice if we could take the time to enjoy this together soon.

Writing – This is something I am slowly getting back into. If you look at my blog, there are times when I post often and days when I hardly ever do. I have been struggling with writing lately, but I have conditioned myself to keep writing when the mood strikes. I have also started writing the romance novella that I have outlined a few years back, and I am hoping I can finish that this year (barring any distractions, that is). I used to write songs too, but that one is something I have not done since I submitted a demo and did not hear back from the people I sent it to.

I know I should probably make time to do these things that I love. It would probably be good for my mental health to do so. I hope the inspiration strikes at a time when the opportunity to do one of these things. I can't wait until that happens!


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