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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Music Recommendation: Scott Bradlee's Post Modern Jukebox

Music has always been a big part of my life. My father exposed the family to the love of music since we were children and in a way, I think this is what helped me to appreciate many different types of music. If you were to look at my liked songs on Spotify you would see that I have a mix of various genres: classical, rock, pop, country, folk, alternative, grunge, Broadway, R&B, and hip-hop, among others. The only genre you would never find from me would probably be something extreme like death metal. 

Among the music I enjoy are the old songs...I guess in a way I am a bit of an old soul because I appreciate that. I'll share more about that love in a future post.

One artist that I love and discovered on Spotify because of my love for the old classics is Scott Bradlee's Post Modern Jukebox. It is a band that gives modern songs a vintage feel intending to bring classic sounds to the mainstream. Discovering that a few of my favorite finalists from American Idol have done songs with the group made me want to listen to more of their music. Also, if you're a BTS fan, you would recognize this group as the one that V was copying in a video (he was watching a video of their version of Closer).

Here are some of the songs that I would like to recommend if you like this type of music:

Stay With Me - This cover of Sam Smith's song done in a 40's type of arrangement is one of my favorites. Cristina Gatti's voice is perfect for the type of feel that this version intended. The voice is just so pure and solid, I couldn't help but admire it! It feels like a different song, but in a good way. Like you're listening to a song for the first time but you happen to know the lyrics. If the original sounded romantic before, it feels even more romantic now. Like I can slow dance with someone I care about to the tune of this song. 

Finesse - While Bruno Mars' song does already have that old classic vibe to it, adding the 40's arrangement made it even more interesting. Will Jay sounds so charming in this one. This sound makes me imagine a scenario where you are at a fancy party and a handsome man like Will asks you to dance, making you feel like the prettiest woman in the room (yes, I know I have such an obsession with dancing with someone today). Kory, the female singer, was such a complimentary voice to Will's.  Again, like Cristina Gatti, her voice is perfect for the era that the song is trying to evoke from this sound. 

This is How We Do It - This is one of my favorite R&B songs. This rendition that has a classic jazzy feel was something that I was surprised to listen to. If you asked me and I have never heard of Scott Bradlee's Post Modern Jukebox before, I would have told you that it wouldn't work, but it actually did! This has such a fun sound that I would love to dance along to (yes, yes I know this is the third time I mentioned dancing!). Dave Simmons Jr. did this justice -- he sang it so well it makes me wish I could sing along with him (but that style is such a challenge for me)!  The vocals are so good!

There is a very long list of songs from this artist on Spotify to enjoy if you are like me and you love the mix of contemporary music and the sounds from way back when. If you liked the songs that I shared here, you would probably enjoy their playlist on Spotify, which I am sharing at the end of this post. 



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