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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Travel Plans

The pandemic may make travel difficult for a while with the varied vaccine requirements in different countries, higher cost for transportation, and the required quarantine upon arrival, but it hasn't stopped me from dreaming of being able to travel one day. If I had the resources, I would travel A LOT once the pandemic is over. For now, I can plan the places I want to visit and find a way to see them later when things get better.

Image by Jan VaĊĦek from Pixabay

Before going overseas, I would love to travel around the country more. Here are some of the places I want to see post-pandemic:

Ilocos - Mostly I want to go because of Vigan. I want to experience a stay in a place that has retained the Spanish-style look of its city. I also want to go to see beaches and the view of the large windmills in the area.

Bataan - Like Ilocos, I want to go to Bataan for the historically-themed Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, a tourist destination where they feature Spanish era heritage houses. It is also a resort so that would be an interesting place to stay in. I also want to see the beaches in the area too, since one of my best childhood beach memories was on a beach in Bataan.

Boracay - I have been there before on a work thing, but I would like to be there to really take the whole place in. I would rather not go to the more commercial spots though since I prefer my peace and quiet. The beach is amazing when it isn't too crowded.

Palawan - I had the opportunity to go there for work but I didn't go and it is one of the things that I regret since my co-workers had a good time there even if it was for a work-related function. Everyone who's been there talks about how beautiful it is and I really want to see it for myself.

Bohol - This is one of those places that I have been to that deserves another visit. I am not really a beach person in the sense that I do not enjoy open water so much (it freaks me out a bit) but I love the beach that I want to there and I would love to experience staying there a little longer next time. 

If I can travel overseas, there are several countries that I would like to visit. These are the places that would probably be "the dream" for me since I don't know if I will ever be able to go in this lifetime. I mean, who knows what the future of travel will be for all of us after this pandemic right? I would like to think that I can though. Someday.

France - I would love to visit the Louvre. And of course, I would love to see the Eiffel Tower. But what I would really love to visit are those chateaus that are being restored that are open to tourists. I am fascinated by the architecture and the restoration work being done by their current owners. I have been following some of them on Instagram and I would really love to see those places in person one day. 

Italy - There are so many places that I would love to visit in Italy and mostly it is to see the architecture and the art. I know I sound like such a nerd that way but I studied the arts in college and I have always been fascinated with Italian artists from the renaissance and would love to see the place where many (if not all) of them came from. I'm not so keen on Venice though (see my comment on open water earlier in this post).

The United Kingdom - The weather, which is gloomy to some, is my favorite kind of weather (another weird thing about me). I am also into the whole history of the monarchy and would love to see the places that still exist that were mentioned in history books. 

Ireland - I went to a school that was founded by Irishmen. I even had an Irish professor who talked about his homeland a lot. I had also befriended an Irishman and his Filipina wife who lived in the building where I used to work who used to tell me stories about the country. All that and the photos I have seen makes me want to be able to visit one day.

South Korea - This is a no-brainer. I have loved K-drama for so long you'd think I would have learned to speak Korean by now (I still can't, but would love to learn). My co-worker and I were supposed to go to Jeju Island pre-pandemic but obviously, that did not happen. It would be such a fan girl moment for me to see the places that were featured in my favorite dramas!

Egypt - Geek alert! Ever since I was a child I was obsessed with Egypt. I would love to see the pyramids, the museums where all the artifacts are and yes, even the mummies! I would love to learn more about them in the place where they came from!

I really wish this pandemic was over. I wish that it was easier and more affordable to travel (if it was expensive before, you can bet it is even more pricey now). You can bet that if I had the resources and everything was safe, I would be all over these places! Someone give me a winning lottery ticket!


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